Which scenario demonstrates a potential benefit of ambiguity

When roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, team members are moreefficient and accountable because they understand the scopes of theirindividual roles.CONCEPTClarifying Roles and ResponsibilitiesReport an issue with this question3Which scenario demonstrates a potential benefit of ambiguity?Mandy is able to avoid taking risks by focusing on the processesalready in place.Through brainstorming, Corey discovers the one right answer that hecan apply to any unclear situation.When considering potential solutions, Drew learns to trust his owninstincts and those of his teammates.During the brainstorming phase, Tanya learns to limit ideas to thosethat are logistically possible and realistic.RATIONALEThe scenario with Drew demonstrates a potential benefit of ambiguity,as trusting your own perspective and those of your teammates is key tomoving forward in a timely manner.